SML group


In the year 1980, Mr. C. C. William Varghese laid the foundation of SML Group with a vision; a vision to be the best in what he does; to create an organization and to set an example for others to follow. It's always easy to preach, but difficult to act; our founder practised what he preached and he was truly a visionary. Today, when we look back and proudly say that we have 50,000 plus happy customer, 800 plus staffs and a presence across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. the victory is not ours, but his. The path was built strong, we followed it righteously, fulfilled his pursuit by helping thousands of our trusted customers accomplish their dreams, and continues. SML Group now consists of SML Finance, Vanchinad Finance (wholly owned subsidiary of SML Finance), Sangeeth Nidhi, Ayur Bethaniya and SML Motors. We focus on organic growth, rather than abrupt growth. This is what makes SML Group be Number One in the industry. We earned the trust of our customers and investors by providing innovative products, customer friendly services and also, by following a solution-oriented, pro-active culture. Growth never happens by mere luck, it's the result of working together. The group is headed and supported by highly dedicated Directors and a truly talented, skilled and experienced workforce which is our greatest strength and pride. Every day is a new day for us where we learn, grow and reach out to our customers.

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