Subordinate debts

We all are aware of through what we have gone and what we are at present, there is nothing we can expect about what is yet to come, but we can save for tomorrow by investing in our non convertible secured debentures and subordinated debts to meet what is yet to come with attractive returns.

  • We are offering Subordinated Debt to our customers.
  • Subordinated Debts are issued for a minimum period of 5 years
  •  We are offering subordinated schemes under different schemes; (Interest can avail monthly or yearly & Doubling Scheme (Doubles the investment after 6 years).
  • You cannot close subordinated debt prior to maturity date.
  •  Subordinate debts issued are unsecured and subordinated to the right of NCD holders.
  • Issue of Subordinated debts is in compliance with the RBI rules and Regulations.
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